Piano Tuning

David has more than 00 years experience as a piano tuning & repairs technician. David is currently a member and president of the Australasian Piano Tuners and Technicians Association (APPTA).

How often should a piano be tuned?

Every 6 months is recommended, and no longer than 12 months. Depending on environmental factors and use, tuning more frequently may be required to keep your piano on pitch.

Has it been a long time since tuning?

If your piano hasn’t been maintained on a regular basis, it may require more than one tuning to stabilise on pitch. David will advise you if a second tuning may be required.


The cost of a tuning may vary depending on your location and the urgency of your booking.

$170  Southern Highlands, Albion Park, Shellharbour and surrounding suburbs.

$180  Goulburn, Wollongong and the greater Illawarra, including Kiama and Nowra.

Request a Booking

If you would like to request a booking, please fill out the following request form. Please include your phone number and David will get in touch to arrange a time.